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Smile Re: Concerned about the weather! Please advise!

mike, i will tell you what i tell every newbie. go directly to the weather sites on your computer and delete every one of them. it's not that they lie, they just don't tell the whole truth. it's sorta called 'cover your a**' i have read those same forcasts before trips to aruba. granted, you never quite know for sure what will happen but after 13 trips averaging 10 days each i have never had a total rainout day.

yes, it does happen and that's what those sites are letting you know. somewhere on the island or within miles of the area there may be a shower. it may cross the island, it may pick the other side of the island, or it may sit out at sea as many have done while we are there. we have also been foolish enough to leave our beach hut only once for a shower and by the time we got all of our stuff back to our room the sun was out.

what i am trying to say is, relax. if it rains one day, that is the day you shop. if it rains a few hours, sleep late or take an afternoon nap. you aren't going to change your plans at this point so relax. bet there is a lot more time at the beach than you think.

oh, and we want a trip report when you come back please.
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