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Default Re: Concerned about the weather! Please advise!

It's only natural to be concerned. It hardly ever rain on Aruba. The yearly average is 16 inches with most of that between November and December.

But that's not to say you won't experience some sort of rainfall. In more t han 10 years, this year was the first time we experienced a day where it rained for the bulk of the day. But even then we still managed to enjoy ourselves.

Normally when it does rain, the Tradewinds help keep the storm moving and it does rain for long. 2004 has been a wetter than normal year, but to put it into perspective here's an article from a local reporter on Aruba about April being the wettest April on record for the island.

Originally Posted by Eddy

Oranjestad, Aruba.

May 18th 2004,

April 2004 is wetter than the average April month. Records released
by the Metrological Centre of The Netherlands Antilles and Aruba show
that a total amount of 0.8 inches (19.8mm) of rain was registered at
the airport in Aruba during the month of April 2004 that is 50 percent
above normal average. It rained on 6 days in April for a combined total
of 18 hours. April 20th registered the highest amount of rainfall of 0.3
inches. The highest temperature was 91F (32.8 degrees C)registered on
April 22nd at 1:45pm. The lowest temperature of 75F (23.9 degrees C)
was registered on April 16th at 5:19am. The monthly maximum temperature
average for April 2004 stood at 89F (31.8 degrees C), the minimum
temperature average 80F (26.2 degrees C).

April 2004 was a wet month for Aruba but a dry month for Bonaire
that received only 0.2 inches of rain, 58 percent below normal
average. Of the ABC islands Curacao received the most rainfall in
April, it rained 1.7 inches and that is 125 percent above normal
average. In an average year Bonaire receives the most rainfall of
the ABC islands followed by Curacao and Aruba.
You'll notice that even though this was the wettest April on record, the total rainfall for the month was less than an inch.

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