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Default Re: Concerned about the weather! Please advise!

Sherry I agree with everything you have said in your post. It seems that when somone looks at the weather forecast for their trip it always says cloudy or rain and showers. I think that people should just forget about looking at the weather channel and looking at the computer forecast on their computer. In all my trips to aruba it rained one time hard for about 10 minutes. I was at the animal shelter at the time so I was suprised but it was over so fast that I just stood in the outside patio of the shelter and had a plesant conversion with the people of the shelter. By the time I had left which the total time was about 1 hour the streets and beach area back at resort did not look like it had rained at all. I am hoping that we don't get 50 questions about the weather on this board. Other boards it seems like every other question is about the weather and it seems that it gets redundant. NOBODY can predict the weather 100% except God and Nature so for all those that hope the weather is good for their trip either pray to god or scarifice something for nature
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