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Cool Re: Let's do a countdown

Originally Posted by frankPhilly
Thanks....I'll be happy to have one (or more) for you Elaine....I too live in Montgomery County...Wynnewood to be exact...but I work in Philly at one of the center city hospitals.

I can't wait....I am going to sit down on a beach....close to the bar with a book, some music and vegetate for about 48 hours. Then, I'll turn over
Frank... one, two, three .... I can handle it!! You're going to do exactly what I did...totally vegetate, read and listen to music - but, if you turn over after 48 hours, you're going to need a really good doctor!! Know any??

Remember, the sun is extremely strong because you'll be so near the equator... and, sometimes with the wind blowing, you don't realize how hot it is... Don't burn and ruin your vacation.

I got home on Feb. 19th and it hasn't stopped snowing since...

By the way.... I'm in Hatfield, but used to live in Bala Cynwyd long, long ago so I do know your area.

Make sure and let us know all about your trip.... Have a safe one and enjoy!