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Default Re: can we keep it nice?

look at the header on this page. you will see links to 'user cp, faq, members list, calendar'...aha! on that (sorry my mouth is very smart when i first wake up. it is the only time of the day that i feel almost intelligent, lol.) if you look at the bottom of the calendar page you will see a section that says calendar jump. the first calendar (that shows when you opened the page) has holidays and birthdays. the second has bb parties listed. the third has listings of who will be in aruba. many people are lazy and don't fill in their dates but that is where we are supposed to post it. also, you can move from month to month so that you can find when you are going and try to match up to other people.

hope this helps

Originally Posted by MsDee
HI Sherry,
I will be going in June I have met one other single gentlemen going at the same time..
I can't find the calander you were talking about to see who else may be going June 8th -13th..explain please..I have glasses on but obviously they must not be
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