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Originally Posted by Carol
Patsy, our tastes may not be for everyone, but following is what makes Madame Janette enjoyable for us:

- A table outside "under the stars", not on the deck.
- Rik as our waiter.
- Reservations for 7:30 pm or 8:00 pm -- after the sun has set.
- Generally we stay with meat dishes at Madame Janette. We love their stuffed pork, particularly the pork loin stuffed with mushrooms, onions, and cheese. We also like some of their steak dishes, such as their Gianni Versace. If we're in the mood for seafood, we generally try one of their specials of the day, particularly if it's Red Snapper.
- The portions are so large, we sometimes split an entree. That allows us to have an appetizer, plus get a side of their creamed spinach.
- A lot of times we stop by to make our reservation in person. That way we can be clear on what we'd like (day, time, table "under the stars", table in Rik's area, etc.).
Thank you so much for sharing your tips. Sounds like you and I have the same taste! Pork loin and creamed spinach sounds wonderful! Yummmm :<) Sitting under the stars is something I have yet to do in Aruba and a must this time! Thanks also for the tip on the large portions. By the time we have our appts I'm usually to stuffed to eat my main course. I'll have to share with someone :<) that way maybe I'll be able to sqeeze in some dessert!
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