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Default Re: Okay, okay, who is going in April?

Originally Posted by elisabeth_nj
Funny you shoudl ask...just got hubby to agree (at lunch) and I booked my desperatly waiting to hear from the guy with a room...he was holding it for me...then I declined...then I accepted all in a matter of 3-4 hours. So he will either not rent to me cause he thinks I'm a nut or just hasn't gotten my new e-mail yet! But he did repost them for rent on our BB so I know its still available. Dates are 3/25-4/3!!! If you go to Cap't Ed's right when they open on always get a table right away. They open at 4:30!
If you have a lucid moment on your honeymoon...maybe we can get together for a celebration drink!!! My husband is a Bergen County guy. Loves old Blues and Southern Rock and dropped out of medical school to PARTY!!! I could be married to a doctor!!!! And heck us Long Islanders (or at least NYers) always get along (right Corrine?)!!!
Absolutely! Us guys have to stick together!

Now, I'm jealous I'm not going too.......

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