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Default Re: Okay, okay, who is going in April?

Originally Posted by elisabeth_nj
That's great...This will be our 7 trip in 4 years (can ya tell we LOVE it?) and all have been USAir out of Philly. (flight 653 from Philly to Aruba and Flight 654 from Aruba to Philly) That's how I'm getting my free tickets now....first time I'm ever using FF Miles! Was pretty easy. I always thought it was a pain in the butt but heck I got mine right away and for such short notice. Before we leave I'll give you our Aruba Cell Phone number (we finally bought one last Nov.).
I've never been to Newark but am very familiar with Philly as I lived in Cherry Hill, NJ for 6 years.

An Aruba cell phone - I was going to post a question about that - do I need to get one for a week? Is it just as practical to use the hotel phone? Or is an Aruban calling card the way to go?

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