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Default Re: Okay, okay, who is going in April?

Originally Posted by Elaine S
No problem, elisa. Calling cards just seem the way to go, even here in the states, so I assumed Jim knew what I meant. I buy them so that I can call Aruba from home after I got charged $55 for a call.

What I liked about the Ventaha card this year is that after the first time you use it, one of the options, if you're using the same phone for every call, is that it recognize the card number and you only have to enter it once. It was a pain before having to dial all those numbers. Now it's the area code and number... bingo, you're there.
Wow that's great Elaine! We never had a problem until they took the "black" phones out of LaCabana. We've all made such a stink I believe they are putting them back! But I like the fact that the kids can reach us anytime (or the babysitter, inlaw or whoever). There is always an "emergency" while we are gone. Like someone stole Steven Jrs. sneaker (only 1) and my mother in law had to use the emergency money to go and get him new ones...that was a crock...the kid just wanted new sneakers...and then once Chistopher NEEDED minutes for his cell phone and I said we can use the emergency money to buy HIM his minutes (they must use their own money for things like that...or no cell phone!)...OMG these kids will try far in all our trips to Aruba...none of the calls were actual emergencies (knock wood)...I was obviously kidding. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Now I make a note for whose ever watching them and first thing I put is...NO NEW SNEAKERS, NO HAIRCUTS, NO CELL PHONE MINUTES, ETC....then we get on the important stuff!
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