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Default Re: Okay, okay, who is going in April?

Originally Posted by elisabeth_nj
In laymans terms...that means we have prepaid phones for Aruba and just buy minutes when we get there. If you want to rent a phone we can give you the name of a great guy who has a booth right at the airport (for pickup and drop off). It will cost roughly 50.00 (for approx. 45 minutes of airtime, plus you can buy more) for the week and all incoming calls from the states are free (for you but not for the person calling you.)

I also find that the calling cards bought in Aruba are not accepted at alot of the phones around the island. Does anyone else have this problem (besides the LaCabana people as we all know what happened there)?

Sorry Elaine, if i never went to Aruba I would never know what a Ventaha card was!
Thanks Elisabeth - I would appreciate the recommendation - but I'm trying to determine if we REALLY need one. It sounds like we'll need some type of phone as the hotel will gouge us. I guess it boils down to buying a calling card or renting a cell. The cell phone would be advantgeous if a true emergency arrose. I'm leaning towards that option.

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