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Default Re: Villa Germania

hi guy, glad you are with us. however, remember, restaurant reviews are subjective. we each have different tastes in foods depending on our backgrounds and for that matter, our taste buds. i have a few places in aruba that i hate that others love. that's after extensive travel and several years in the upper end of food service. having traveled means nothing in the case of personal tastes. it's all in what you like.

so the answer to your question is the people who voted on this poll are people with opinions and they all count.

Originally Posted by GuyFullaLove

You're right, the potato pancakes may not be great but EVERYTHING else was ABSOLUITELY delicious.... you folks MUST try the Beef Strognoff and the Saubraten that, in my humble opinion, are the absolute BEST in the world, and I have traveled all over the US, Canada, Europe and the Middle East, so I should Know. Also, the cleanlliness and the awesome view of the harbor makes Villa Germania absolutely wonderful. In ONE week vacation in Aruba, I went there 3 times...

One IMPORTANT thing... On an island where most GOOD restaurants open at 6:00 pm, Villa Germania is opne ALL day until 11:00 pm. I got there at 4:00 pm, and received great service, great food and a great welcome!...

I don't know who has voted in the poll... but this restaurant's rating is nothing short of EXCELLENT!...
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