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Default any questions???? we have answers

hi everyone...

in our efforts to try to do anything and everything to help our members (and those lurkers that we really wish would sign up), we have added a new section.

charles sort of got it started with his timeshare section and now we are going to make it even more useful by trying to get some of the powers that be at the timeshares to help us with answers.

so lets get started. give us any timeshare questions you have. how to close a deal. how to know which type of timeshare contract you have. what's a good price on a private sale.

now, i'm not promising that we will have all of the answers but we are certainly going to try. we also want help from anyone who knows the answer to any questions posted.

this is also an open invite to all timeshare reps to just pop in and help us. you can impress us with any aid and then we will be forever grateful.

thanks everyone...let's make this a useful section!!!!
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