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Default Re: any questions???? we have answers

I did a bit of digging into this and it seems as if you are correct on all your points.

As an additional piece of info/opinion, there are other reasons for buying from the resort directly.
  • The need to make sure that all paper is correct
  • To make sure that there are no payments in arrears
  • To get a fuller picture of the property and company.
When you already own at that particular resort, a simple call to the exec office to check the financial status of the membership that is for sale is important.

On the down side of buying resales from a resort, you have to consider what kind of inventory you are being offered and what the current sell out position is of that resort. Resorts with mature sell-out positions (excess of 87% as a rule of thumb) will give competetive pricing for one simple reason. MAINTENANCE.

All resort cooperative organizations look for the maintenance income as a vital way to keep the resort running.

Thought I would throw in some thoughts.


Originally Posted by Kent View Post
I'm sorry Glaval but one bedrooms are not lock offs. You have to have a 2 bedroom to be able to lock them off. They have studios and 1 bedrooms and the 2 bedrooms are a studio and a 1 bedroom put together. So when you lock-off a 2 bedroom, you get a studio for 1 week and you get a 1 bedroom for a week. Kent
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