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Default Re: just returned - updates

I'll check it myself and see what I can determine. Then I'll send an email to Debby Hassell and ask the tough questions. Quite frankly, I don't know if the folks at RIU are telling her anything. If the Condos are going to be re-done, then expect that they will be done last which will result in further delay.

July 2007 is an aggressive opening no matter what the RUI website is allowing. Even if they are taking reservations, it's unlikely they'll be able to honor those if the "Palace" cannot service the client. I hope they can because that means we owners get there sooner.

I'm sure we will hear something eventually. If a RIU representative is reading the BB, please tell us something, anything- the Aruba Grand/RIU timeshare owners would like some sort of official update and a realistic release of current information regarding projected opening of RIU Palace Aruba, timeshare protocol, logistics, and procedures.

I think communication is key, and, to date, RIU has been a poor communicator. Let's have some change. And let's start now. Please.

John L
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