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Default Re: A Nice Morale Booster

as a costa linda owner i agree with both of you. as a moderator i can only ask that the foolishness of beating that email into the ground be completed and we go on from there doing constructive things.

from what i just read (which is what prompted me to add my opinion here) linda is ready to say 'stop', carol and greg has stopped, and if we can get the last person to halt the discussion we can begin to be productive.

how about a no name calling break? i personally don't give a damned what side any of you are on. sides doesn't count here. you are all working toward the destruction of the place i call my home on aruba.

let's try to work on what we can do to bring costa linda back to its glorious self. lefty and eddie got it started. maybe we need to go back to that thread and spend some time writing up what we wish for costa linda. i would like to see both sides respond to that. what do you want for the future of our beautiful place? how do you suggest we do that?

lefty or eddie? would one of you like to volunteer to keep a tally of what is suggested so at the end of this we can put it briefly into something to present to the board, whichever members live thru this?

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Very well said! I refuse to participate in this childish behavior!
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