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Old Thursday, February 8th, 2007, 10:17 AM
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Default board etiquette

i realized something this morning when i couldn't find something that was being referenced. we have more threads on this section than all but one owners corner on the board. that is very odd.

so i looked back and realized that everyone seems to want to start a new thread. there is no continuity if we do that. so i am making a request that is really basic board etiquette.

everyone's post is important but most don't need a new thread. please people, if you are dealing with something that is in another thread, post in that thread. click on quote so your reference is clear. there is not enough time in a day to refer back to 52 different threads in search of one post. that was what i found myself doing today and others are making the same comment to me.

save my sanity!!! keep items in context. please????????
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