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Angry Re: what is the most $$ you have ever paid for airfare for Aruba

Originally Posted by Kent View Post
Went for our 12th trip last month. The most we have ever paid is $50. Thats the taxes on our FFM. Sorry guys. You just have to spend some dough on your cc to get free air miles.
That's easier said then done! I have more then enough award miles, and USAir gave me a very tough time! First there were no seats for miles, and then perhaps there would be a return seat, but I'd have to "pay" 30,000 for one way. (the full cost of round trip) After trying to get through to USair for two days, today mysteriously there's a seat available TO Aruba, but I have to call back on April 8th to make my return because I'm more than 330 days out! Well... at least I got a confirmation # for one way. The jury's still out on getting home! By the way, I leave February 2nd, 2008, and at this time the fare is $1,112.00! Ridiculous! Hopefully, I can use miles for this trip, and get a different credit card!
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