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Default Saturay nights in Oranjestad, the fun goes on all night!!!

My wife and I are more morning persons then night ones so we usually turn in by 10-11 pm. We are in the Rennaisance Marina on the 6th floor looking East so we have a good view of the main road and the harbor and have noticed one thing. Most nights everything this time of year seems to wind down not long after midnight but not on Saturday nights! The past 2 Saturday nights have kept us waking up to the sounds of cars and motorcycles zooming past our hotel until 3 or 4 and the sounds of people in the streets. I chalk it up to all the new arrivals that have usually just arrived on Saturday, the fact that Sunday is a day off for lots of folks and that we have two 24 hour casinos and the movie theatre near by. Last night was especially bad as one particularly loud motorcycle kept racing on the street and setting off car alarms in the parking lot.Oh well, we slept in this morning so all was good.
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