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Default Re: what is the most $$ you have ever paid for airfare for Aruba

several years ago i tried to figure a better route at a cheaper price for aa from baltimore. so we decided we would fly out of philly which is a direct flight. planned to drive up there and visit murray's sisters then hop the plane the next day. it was several hundred dollars cheaper for us to fly from baltimore to philly to aua than it was to skip the baltimore flight and only take the philly flight. no logic involved in that.

Originally Posted by Arubalisa View Post
If you think you are shocked, try living in Atlanta . Delta for June wants $809.70 ATL - AUA and the price has gone up $15 since yesterday. Oh, and did I mention, that is flying md-week. Someone on another forum just booked mid-week May, Delta through ATL and paid $433. No competition = expensive and ridiculous airfares.
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