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Originally Posted by rdharles View Post
It's too bad we're hearing less than desirable reports from the timeshare owners. It seems the general public staying at the RIU lately have been giving the RIU really good reviews. It seems all RIU's efforts to make things good have gone to the "non-timeshare" folks. If you haven't seen these reviews yet, check 'em out:
I for one am not surprised and I don't think it will change. The only way(in my opinion) the units will be renovated is when we are charged an assesment fee-and even then Riu will not keep up the "daily"maintenance that is needed to keep things in good order. Just like your home-you do the little jobs to prevent them from becoming BIG jobs.
Jelishka has assured me our unit WILL be ready when we arrive. Fingers crossed.
RD-sorry I will miss you-if anything important happens I will leave you a note at the front desk. Hope we both have the best ever vacation.
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