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Thumbs down La Bella Luna

We've been to Aruba 6 times, and four of those times we've been to La Bella Luna, the food isn't the best, but it's a nice place, the food is decent and it's never terribly crowded. On our most recent visit, this past September 29th, we went again. We were 6 adults and three children. While looking over the menu, and talking to each other about what we might have for dinner, my daughter, who was sitting next to me asked why the prices in my menu were different from hers. We started comparing and her prices were different from everyone else's at the table. She turned hers over and noticed it was imprinted "Local Menu" We called the waiter over to ask what this meant, and were told that it was a promotion for the "locals". It some cases there was a $5.00 difference per entree. So we asked if this was a "Stick it to the Tourists" situation and he seemed embarassed and asked the manager what to do. The manager honored the "local menu" prices, but we will never go back there again. I wonder how many other restaurants have the same practice?
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