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Default Re: ? about Renaissance Marina Hotel

The private island is very nice. They have soft sand, palm trees, hammocks, lounge chairs, beach towels, red sail sports shop, restaurant, iguanas, flamingos and other wild life. The island is devided in two sections. The section to the left as you leave the docks is the family section and has the restayrant. The section to the right of the docks is the "adult beach area". The snorkeling is better on the adult side. You can get a massage or a couples massage on the island.
Just try not to forget to take everything you will need to the island, because you can only get there and back by water taxi from the resort. That means about an hour to go back to the hotel to get what you left behind and get back to the beach assuming you dont miss the next taxi.

There are, as has been said, many fine restaurants within walking distance. There are several at the seaport marina. There are several on the street in front of the hotel and even El Gaucho is only about 7 blocks from the rear of the hotel. We enjoy Iguana Joes and the Paddock for lunch.
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