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Default Message from Members Coalition Co-Founder

Message from Members Coalition Co-Founder

As the Members Coalition has evolved during the process to regain control of the Costa Linda, we have also created a problem, in which many CLBR members were being attacked, slammed, and dissed for dis-agreeing with the Coalition on the CLBR BB.

One person even opened a posting with the words, "It is with great trepidation that I post on this BB." We started a dialog with some of these CLBR Members and found out that we had the same common goals, these people were members just like us, and guess what? They were really nice people, just like all the other CLBR Members we have met.

We stated our goals:

Remove and replace the three (3) Arubans with three (3) new Arubans
who are willing to work with us, not against us.
Approve the 2007/2008 Budget.
Conclude the Forensic Audit in a timely manner.
Approve hiring a management consultant to recommend improvement in management
services through changes in personnel, programs, procedures and/or policies.
Receive Government approval of our submitted Articles and By-Laws, which will
allow us to restore the nine (9) member Board.

We refined our thoughts and together developed a "Code of Conduct":

The Costa Linda Members Coalition will NOT, as a group, endorse any candidates. If asked for personal opinions, the members can individually choose to comment, but will make it clear it is an individual opinion, not that of our organization.

Any issues that are to be voted on by the CLBR Membership will have no endorsement from the Costa Linda Members Coalition as an entity. Our organization will NOT endorse any particular view, but again, as individuals, may offer personal opinions, stated as such.

In specific terms this means:

In the recent Convocation Packet for the Extraordinary Members Meeting (EOMM) there were more than just 3 eligible Aruban candidates for the Board, but there were only 3 on the Ballot. We will include all resumes in the future.

Before last June's Annual Members meeting, while Candidates for the Board were sending in their Questionnaires, having their backgrounds checked, and being interviewed, some Members of the Coalition were already discussing and drafting the endorsement for Cy Holley and Gale Measel.

I personally felt that Cy and Gale were the 2 best candidates for that election, but was in disagreement with the process. When several Members and Candidates contacted me about this flawed process, I passed them onto the Coalition Members supporting this process. I was actually accused of putting these people up to calling these Members to complain!

This is the type of conduct that "The Steering Committee" is capable of doing. In fact, "The Steering Committee" is just spin control for not adopting our "Code of Conduct."

They seem to thrive on negativity and enjoy pointing out all the reasons why they are right and everyone is wrong. Just last night a member asked them to remove her name from their posts, they didn't do as requested, and seemed to feel she was at fault for even making the request ---- "The Steering Committee" way.

Another CLBR Member, Ron R, just posted, "I perceive there is an attitude by some CLBR Members that they know what is best for everyone. I reject that notion, let the owners speak for themselves." We feel the CLBR Members are intelligent enough to make up their own minds and do not need to be told what to do.

As a Co-Founder of the Members Coalition with Carol Bengis, we still feel one of our main functions is to get information to all the members. In order to remain impartial, we have pledged not to run for the Board nor serve on any Committees for 2-3 years after we regain control of our resort. You have put your trust in us and we do not want to abuse this trust in any way.

We challenge everyone to abide by the Members Coalition "Code of Conduct."

Greg Wallace
Co-Founder of the Members Coalition
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