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Originally Posted by mikesgrandma626 View Post
We always travel to Aruba with a big group and this year was no exception. We had 6 adults and 3 children, ages 4, 2 and 1. We rented a 12 passenger van from Super Car Rental for the week of September 29th through October 6th. After spending a long day travelling with three small children,we looked forward to getting our luggage into the van, and getting to our hotel. Super Car Rental brought the van around to the front of their building by the airport, and helped us load our luggage into the back. The attendant then told us that we had to close the trunk with a string, because the latch on the rear door was broken. We got the three kids into the carseats we rented at an additional cost, and got in for our trip to La Cabana. The van seemed terribly warm, but we thought that if it had been sitting int the Aruba sun, and just started up, that it would take a little while to cool down. It never did. The other and even more upsetting thing was the foul odor in the van. We had the windows closed in an attempt to get the air conditioning going and the smell of urine was unbelievable. Since we were all loaded in, we drove to La Cabana, still hoping the air might kick in. When we checked in and got setttled, I called Super?Car Rental to let them know about the problems and the phone just rang and rang. This was at about 5:00pm. I tried again later that evening and still got no answer. I called again the following morning, and an agent picked up. I told him that about the lack of air conditioning, and the horrible odor and that we wanted someone to come and pick up the van immediately. We were told to leave the keys at the front desk and they would come for the van later that day, and they would leave a voucher.
We checked with the desk later that afternoon and were told that the van had been picked up and that they left a receipt. We had been billed $134.00 for use of their stinky van for the 6 miles to La Cabana!!!
I called and again got no answer. The following morning I tried the number and was connected with the agent I spoke to originally. He told me that I had to speak with a manager at a number. She seemed to be familiar with my complaint, and basically told me, too bad! That we used the car for the day, whether it was 6 miles or 600 miles and that was the charge.
The van was absolutely disgusting. It would have been impossible for anyone to use it. The lack of air conditioning would have been bad enough, but the smell was horrendous. Definitely not "SUPER"
You have rented 3 toyota yaris's for the week and still come out cheaper than the van
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