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Default Defective Election Process --- Freedom of Choice

Before last June's Annual Members meeting, while Candidates for the Board were sending in their Questionnaires, having their backgrounds checked, and being interviewed, some Members of the Coalition were already discussing and drafting the endorsement for Cy Holley and Gale Measel. Not only did the questionnaires not get published to the Members, but the replies were not presented to Members, so they could make their own discussions.

In the recent Convocation Packet for the Extraordinary Members Meeting (EOMM1) there were more than just 3 eligible Aruban candidates for the Board, but there were only 3 on the Ballot.

One candidate was nudged out because they perceived that being on the Board would mean they would need to commit an extraordinary amount of time. Another candidate did not have their resume included in the Convocation Packet because they were thought to be arrogant. This candidate had remarkable experience and references, but I did not get a chance to vote for him, nor did all the other CLBR Members.

When it was determined which Candidates would be re-elected sooner, if we went to a 9-member Board. George Metrey got the short-straw because he was liked the least by the Interviewing/Selection Committee. He was also the most vocal about the questionnaire, background checking, and interviewing process being flawed.

This goes beyond the point of endorsing, but to eliminating our Freedom of Choice.
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