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Default Re: Seeking Menu

guys, i'm moving this to the restaurant thread for the villa.

aaah... post the question about the paddock in their restaurant thread please. that way when people go to look for information on the place it will all be there. thanks!!

Originally Posted by aaahruba View Post
I knew I could count on you - you have every menu! Thank you!
DH and I are sneaking in a trip in March and staying at Renaissance Ocean Suites. Since we alway rent a car when we stay in October, I'm thinking of doing an 'all Oranjestad' trip and only going where we can walk to. There are so many restaurants down town that we miss and haven't been to yet.

We'd like to maybe take advantage of 'rib night' at the Paddock, but is service really as abysmal as people say? DH would have NO patience with that.
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