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Wink Re: New member with question - Y Aruba?

Sherry, Elaine, BP and all,

Thank you for the tips on this Amazing Aruba! If things work out, maybe this will be my first of many trips, God-willing. It all sounds "addictive".

BigPapa (a.k.a. Dan, a.k.a. Georgene's romantic husband!)-- You MUST publish your "journals" and I'm not kidding. I was going to spread out your 4 part report from your wedding vow renewal trip over several days, but I started reading this morning and couldn't quit. And I am a sap, but I couldn't quit crying... Maybe it's that getting near (that age I'm getting close to)-- but you are a terrific writer and it is better than any novel I've read--lol! I want to know more about how you chose the places you stayed at and your trip before the 2006 trip with members of your family. Any photos? You know I am from the midwest and have 3 sons and I pray the "Hail Mary" everytime I get on a plane-- do we know each other? LOL. There are many more coincidences-- but I will tell you more later. You said that you are a lucky man, but I think your wife is also lucky-- Good for you two!

With everything written on these boards, I must say the allure of this passionate island and it's people is incredible-- thanks everyone for your contributions and for "spreading the word". What if I had not changed my plans?

And for many of you... how many days (a couple of weeks?)

P.S. How do you do that countdown thing with the airplane showing?
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