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farside, you did fine posting here. i will answer as best i can. rumor does have it that an assessment was requested and so far denied. understand that this is only rumor. the assessment mentioned was $450. although i would hate it, as assessments go, it isn't outrageous. so, if you found a unit that you really loved, barter the possible assessment with the owner a bit and if the price is right, i see no problem in purchasing. understand that all i have here is my personal opinion.

Originally Posted by farside426 View Post
Sherry, rumor is there could be a possible reassement at Costa Linda, do you know if this is true and if so what it could amount to? We are thinking of purchasing a unit there, but may consider renting this year, unless the price is right of course.

Also, I am not sure if I have this in the correct area, I am new at this.

Thank you
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