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Default The Simple Things

Don't forget to enjoy the simple things while on a trip to Aruba. At night, when the air is clear and the moon out of sight, you'll see plenty more stars than in any metropolitan area of the US. Drive to a spot where you can put your head back and check out the show. A visit to various website will even allow you to print a chart for your location, date, and time so you can find planets and so forth. It's cheap, fun, and romantic and may be something you can't do at home.

Another fun thing, if you have transportation, is to drive to the small rum shops or soda stands. There is one on the island side of Savaneta called Little Joseys. Here you can get a soda, talk to some strangers, maybe share a bag of fried plantains. Old time fun and gives you a close look at what the Caribbean was, and still is in some parts.

Just a suggestion.
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