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Default Re: Looking for a translator

Finally, a reply!
Thank you, Lisa!

Some words I looked up in a dictionary, but still that was difficult at times.
After some words in it, there's an (A), (B) or (C), which means that the word is used like that on Aruba, Bonaire or Curacao.
I tried to only use the Aruban words, but according to you I didn't?

at 10. Both amabel and afabel were in my dictionary, but you usually use amabel?

at 12. I can't find the word 'bos' in my dictionary, but I see now why ḅshi is incorrect. It's more like 'hopi'. Now I found the word 'mondi' instead. Could you agree with that too?

at 19. My translator wrote enkontra as well, but in my dictionary I could only find kontra. (My translator told me he didn't get any writing lessons in school for Papiamento, so sometimes I picked the dictionary over what he wrote...)

And thanks for correcting the grammar!

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