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Default Re: The Simple Things

Another simple thing that maybe you can do...

Before I made Aruba home, I visited frequently. As I got to know a group of locals and expats, they introduced me to a tradition they maintained from the time they grew up there. Here it is....

The first person to arrive on the island (because they were all coming from different locales and not traveling together) would go to their bungalow, stock the fridge, air it out, get things ready. Then he would go to the airport carrying the next guys favorite booze in a cooler. The second guy then joined the first and repeated the process until late that evening everyone was there and ready for a night on the town.

It's a huge thrill meeting people at the airport. The look on their face of relief to be off the plane, in paradise, and ready to relax and enjoy is priceless. And from the other side, it's great to have a cool drink (booze or otherwise) and a warm welcome to a home away from home.

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