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Default Re: The Simple Things

Originally Posted by kevin d View Post
Living here gives a fuller vision of Key West that what the visitor sees, which might be comparable to someone shopping in O-staad and sitting on Palm Beach feeling like they've seen Aruba. Tourists fill our hotels (and flock here daily in cruise ships) to have a drink at Sloppy Joe's, taste the conch fritters and key lime pie, tour the hemingway house and the southernmost point and the mallory square sunset celebration etc. But then there's the raunchy side of Key West, with naked bars and murderous vagrants and *** in public, flexible or altogether disappearing morals, corrupt yet permissive law enforcement - a fresh set of rules after midnight.

There's a reason that Keys Disease exists. Opportunity for debauchery is everpresent, and simple (there's that word again).
And you want my husband to go there to "fish"!!

Fish for WHAT???

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