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Default lets start compiling lesson #2

i hope you noticed that i have made a sticky thread at the top where i will post the lessons after i have corrected all of my errors. so now we get to lesson #2

please dutch speakers, help me out with this. also, if i err on grammar, correct me.

1. what time is it--kwan 'or tin-- hoe laat is het?
2. how much does this cost--quanto esaki ta costa--wat kost het?
3. i need a ____ -- mi tin mester di ____ --ik heb een _____ nodig
4. where is ____ --na unda e _____ ta --waar is het/di _____

we need some nouns to fill in the blanks. so let's try for some popular ones such as doctor, dentist, taxi. suggestions for other popular nouns? remember, nothing X rated, lol.

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