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Default Re: Has Anyone Stayed At La Quinta?

Originally Posted by LagoBaby70 View Post
We own there and visit yearly for several weeks. It isn't the most posh accomodations, but they have made many upgrades and renovations over the last few years and the rooms are clean & tidy, and the staff is friendly and helpful. There is a bar/cafe off the pool deck and their food is good and reasonably priced. It is quiet and not overrun with wild kids like LaCabana. We have kids of our own, and there are other kids there when we go, but LaCabana is a ZOO! The beach is beautiful, clean & quiet and Kokoi will set up cabanas & chairs for you at no cost (but we always tip him for his kind service). I've stayed elsewhere, but decided to make LaQuinta my 2nd home
Okay, this is completely off-topic but, hello LagoBaby. Bon bini to the board. After three years of wondering why I never run into any old Lagoites on the internet, you may be the next one that has emerged in rapid succession.

Do you mind if I ask you some personal questions? And please feel free to answer via pm (or not at all, at your discretion). Did you spend any portion of your life in Seroe Colorado "back in the day?" Is it possible that we knew each other? I was born in Lago Community Hospital in 1956 and lived in Seroe Colorago until 1972. Did we overlap at all?
Once in a while you can get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right.
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