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Default Timeshare at the mill

Can anyone tell me if the units at the Mill are privately owned and then
if they are the ones selling timeshares? Or is the Mill itself owned by one
or more persons and they are the ones selling timeshares? Friends of ours
had a very bad experience with owning a timeshare at the Mill. It was
someone who had bought several of the units outright and then sold them
as timeshares. After a few years selling these timeshares he decided to
start charging everyone a fee to use the timeshare. It was something like
several hundred dollars a night depending on how many units they wanted
to use. This involved a couple hundred people that owned timeshares. The
Mill did nothing to get these people their money back and they lost all the
money that they paid to buy into these timeshares. The Mill nor the
Aruba government did absolutly nothing. I would hesitate to buy there
based on this experience.
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