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I Love Aruba Re: Timeshare at the mill

Let me see if I can answer this one as a Timeshare owner at the Mill since 2001 who has returned annually since then. If there are any inaccuracies in my reply, I hope that the Mill Management Team or the Karam Family will address them.
The Mill was originally built to be condominiums with ownership year-round. Of the units in the original construction plan (approximately 67 3-bedroom units) only 10 sold under the ownership at the time. The Karam family purchased the Resort and turned it into a Hotel with Timeshare ownership as an option. The remaining 57 units became A, B, C hotel rooms, with the 10 condos grandfathered. The owners of "the 10" were free to do and charge whatever they wanted with their units, regardless of the current owners or the rest of the resort. Needless to say, there were some problems.
It was not until 2007 that the last of "the 10" was finally bought out and the Mill was finally under the control of the Karam famaly. We can all understand thet "the 10" did as much as they could to damage the reputation of the Mill, which is probably an instance being referred to by "mambo".
From a Timeshare piont of view, the Mill is the most affordable on the island of Aruba. They don't play all of the games that the other companies do; no points games, no floating weeks or rooms games, no hidden fees games. If you buy a timeshare, you select the room for the week you want and it's yours PERIOD. Pay your maintenance fee and show up, that's IT. No expensive confirmation call required, no haggling for a better location, none of those hassles like at other locations or resorts.
You can pay a lot more for a timeshare at the Marriot, the Radisson, the Divi, the Playa, or anywhere else on the island....or you can buy at the Mill and be happy.
A quick footnote: this past May we met a couple from Philly named Ken and Gladdy who have been to Aruba annually for the past 15 years, staying at the Holiday Inn and the Marriot. This year, because of construction at the Marriot they decided to try the Mill. They have already booked next year at the Mill because of the way they were treated this year. They felt like people, not just numbers--the bartenders at the Mill remembered what they ordered the night before and had it ready for them when they "bellied up" the 2nd night.
Need I say more????
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