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I Love Aruba Re: Timeshare at the mill

Originally Posted by Arubalisa View Post
Is the Mill a deeded timeshare?
When were the rooms last renovated?
Timeshares at the Mill are "Lifetime ownership", which means that my wife and I own the timeshare as long as either of us are alive, but it does not pass down to our heirs.

Many of the rooms have been recently renovated, and there is an on-going renovation program to continue upgrading thr rooms.

Every time that we go back, improvements have been made over the past year, whether it be new furniture, new linens, new appliances, new table settings in the rooms, or whatever. I know that they plan to replace all of the current cabinetry and countertops in the kitchens because as an owner I am ineligible to bid on the job (oh well!!).

Two things that have not changed over the years that we have been going to the Mill: (1) It is still "the Friendliest Resort on the Island" (which is their rightly deserved slogan); and (2) they have the cleanest pool of any resort (thanks to John).
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