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Default Re: Do most timeshare rental periods strictly go by week?

para, glaval is right that units are sold in weekly units. rarely do owners rent partial weeks but will at the last moment if they haven't been able to rent their unit.

however, in many cases and at rack rate which is very expensive, the timeshare itself will rent whatever you want. understand it will in no way be a bargain. our timeshare rents for $3-400/night yet you can rent a week from an owner for $1-1,500.

if you want to stay at a timeshare and it splits a week, weigh the cost of the number of hotel rooms for that split week and you may see it is worth renting the entire week at the timeshare and leaving when you have to.

Originally Posted by parachute View Post
Or is it not uncommon to be able to rent a unit for 1.5 weeks, etc.?

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