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Default Re: 3 bedroom at Marriott Surf Club

Originally Posted by Kent View Post
There are not to many Marriotts with 3 bedroom. You will most likely get 2 bedrooms when trading. If the resort has them and one is availible, then you will get it.
It is true that not many Marriott's have 3BR units. It is not true (exactly) to say that if the resort does have 3BR units, then you will get it on a exchange. Exchanges are based purely on availability. Even the resorts that do have 3BR units have a limited number of 3BR units, and much less than the 2BR units. When making an exchange request, you have the ability to request whatever unit size you want. However, due to availability, you may not get exactly what you want. It is best to be a little flexible when exchanging. I would suggest that you accept a 3BR or 2BR unit when making an exchange request. That increases your chances of getting the exchange confirmed.
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