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Default Re: Hospitalized in Aruba...Have no fear!

I have read the above posts with interest.

In late September, our guest and friend (age 73) had to be hospitalized in Aruba.
He spent about 24 hours in the Oduber hospital and had to be airlifted to Miami with a variety of problems...not treatable in Aruba. He had a massive infection, pneumonia, pulmonary edema...he stopped breathing about 90 minutes after admission through the ER. The diagnosis finally said that he needed aortic valve surgery.

We do have good things to say about the care...a few less than positive things to say about the process. We were all friends with no authority for medical decisions and the finances. After 24 hours of stress, hospital billing people refused to call the US when there was a problem in approving the Aruba hospital bill of $4500. The air ambulance cost of over $19,000 had been approved by our friend's daughter who was en route to meet her father in Miami.

Our experience with Dr. Lacle was also positive. He facilitated the air transfer to the US and helped with contacting our friend's family. His charges were included in Aruba hospital bill.

Without rambling on too much longer, it is our opinion that we will NOT travel outside the US unless we are sure we have foreign medical coverage. Dr. Lacle said that the majority of Europeans travel with this coverage; Americans rarely do.

Alas, our friend is still in the hospital in Miami. After a month, they were trying to transfer him to a rehab hospital, but he had another relapse over the weekend.

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