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Default Re: How much is gas where you live?

Originally Posted by JohnJT View Post
It dropped below $2 a gallon at many stations here in FL today. Sam's Club may be lower but it is 10 miles away.
I remember that we paid $4.03 around the July 4th holiday.
I also remember than I paid $3.55 on October 5th -- the day we returned from Aruba.
I have a bookmark on an MSN website that tracks gas prices.
According to them, it is still around $2.20 a gallon in upstate NY (our old home area of Albany).
We made a trip to Branson, MO last week and saw gas as low as $1.78 en route.

For the Europeans who answered, I am wondering if their price has gone up and down in recent months.

On the Arubalife website, I saw that gas went down significantly from October to November. Still high in Aruba at something like $4.02 a gallon, but better than over $5.25 a gallon in late September.
I've never heard of the Arubalife website, what is the address?
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