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Default Re: Pan-Fried Fish, Aruba Style

I have a childhood memory of eating a pan-fried fish dish. I can't tell you very much about it except that the fish was kind of broken into large chunks, not fillets. Not even sure what kind of fish it was, but wahoo certainly sounds possible. It could also have been pompano or bonito. I think all three are similar to tuna.

Anyway, I do recall that the fish was fried in an open skillet without any kind of breading or other batter. It also seems like potatoes were fried together with the fish (or in the same oil). Although it sounds like my memories are vague, it is actually a very strong memory and I have searched out the recipe for years, to no avail. The way you describe it as "tangy and salty" makes it sound like we might be talking about the same thing, although I do not recall creole sauce being served with it. That might just be because I was a kid and my parents may have thought that creole sauce would be too "bold" for my young palate. Or that could also just be a lapse in my memory.

Anyway, I do remember specifically who it was that cooked it. It was prepared by a woman named Juanita, who was originally from the island of Grenada. I have checked for recipes for Grenadan style fish, as well as Aruban style fish, but I have not found anything that sounds like what I used to love so much. So, if anyone can answer your question, they may end my search at the same time.
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