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Default Re: Shopping for food & liquor

unless something has happened to change things, the stand at the airport in aruba is closed. you might want to purchase liquor in the duty free in the states or, depending on how much you need, wait to purchase at lings which really does have a pretty decent selection. it will not be as cheap but for me, a lot easier than carrying breakables with me.

we fell in love with a wonderful coffee in aruba. it's duie egbert aroma rood. they also have a half caffeine that is really excellent. one of the few things we bring with us are our own coffee filters since they weigh nothing. btw, we had always complimented the coffee at the hilton casino in atlantic city. in october as we were sitting there with a few people and again commenting on the coffee, we looked into the beverage area of the restaurant and saw they were serving duie egbert pods.

we love the deli at lings. they have small packages plus slice to order. the unusual cheeses are our favorites. their fresh bread is excellent for a grocery store. we have tried 5 or 6 different types and all were above average. ironically, in the early days of our visits to aruba (1990) our two comlaints were the horrible bread and coffee that was served.

i personally know little about meats and seafood since i honestly can say i never cook more than toast or a bagel. i do enough of that at home.

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We will arrive 1/6 for (7) days. Looking for advice on whether to purchase liquor at the airport, or to wait and buy at the grocery store. Also, any tips on food, ie coffee, meat, seafood at Ling's and/or Kongs.
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