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Wink Re: Buying Rx Glasses

The 6 years I lived in Aruba I had to get glasses one, expensive but good glasses. Had them check on a visit back to Detroit to see my Dad and the Detroit Opthalologist said the eyeglass prescription for my eyes was spot they know what they are doing in Aruba.

As for the Dentists in Aruba......I had THE BEST female dentist there. I have forgotten her name but have it at home and can supply it to anyone who wants it......(I'm at work right now). She did cosmetic fix ups on me without even charging me. I had an old yellow spot on a tooth left from my teemager days of braces, wires and adhesives....she fixed that one day cause she said she didn't like the discoloration on the tooth, no charge. A stateside Dentist wanted to put a veneer over the tooth for 600.00, she fixed it for free and you can't tell any discoloration was ever there. She was VERY INEXPENSIVE and she always did a great job on my teeth. She is located in Santa Cruz right by Hooiberg. I plan on making an appointment with her in April when I am down there on vacation, she is THAT GOOD !
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