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I Love Aruba Re: Construction at the Divi Phoenix

I emailed Tie Boone-Luke at Customer Relations at Diviresorts, and asked about what Divi's intentions were concerning the beach in front of the New section of villas. Imagine my surprise when I was told that the beach in the New section had already been extended! I think by that she means that they put sand in front of the restaurant across the cement sidewalk from the beach. There really is only room for one row of palapas on the beach, and then they put some palapas and sand by the restaurant on the other side of the cement sidewalk.

The water is the new section is full of rocks and seaweed. It is filthy and no one in their right mind would go in it. For sure that means that the owners of the new section will be on the beach in the old section and there will be overcrowding. No one in either section will be happy.

They really have to do something about the rocks and seaweed in front of the new restaurant or the new owners will have an uprising. They should have a swimmable beach too.
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