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Default Re: a new note to those renting units

The way to get at a guy like this is to buy him a huge golden keyboard that has all the bells and whistles and give him a list of 300 potential customers and then cut his fingers off.

be well

Originally Posted by sherry View Post
It has come to our attention that a person using the alias pamw, having the email address has been soliciting rentals for timeshare units from various timeshare resorts, on several Aruba Forums including ours. When a case like this is brought to our attention, we do intervene, and aggressively at that. This scam was brought to our attention by an owner who noticed that their unit was being offered for rent, while the owner knew nothing about it. We have also proactively contacted another owner whose unit was posted for rent by the person with email address and they also confirmed that this was not legitimate. It appears that the perpetrator has been looking at various sites that have timeshare properties listed for rent, including timeshare resort property sites and other online timeshare aggregators to see what units are for rent, and then pretend to be the owner of the unit to offer the unit for rent on popular Aruba forums and possibly through other channels we are not aware of (e.g. classified ads). We have immediately banned the person from our website and are taking steps to provide all information we have to the owners who we have been in contact with along with all timeshares so that they can take appropriate action against this person.

Please understand that we will do this with any other person we find scamming tourists. It can not and will not be tolerated.
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