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Default Re: Do most timeshare rental periods strictly go by week?

Point well taken,
In these cases (almost all the time) the couples make a "pact" prior to going in the presentation

we will look and listen but not buy

The sales representatives job is to do a discovery and (if there is a glimmer of hope) to go through a technique called

Breaking the pact.

The above is a normal procedure that happens every day in timeshare and many other industries. Couples pre-arrange defenses to basically protect their wallets etc. If they become interested then BINGO they are members and mostly are happy about the choice. What I refer to is a bit more contrived. I copied again below.

I'd suggest renting for a week and then moving over to a hotel. or, rent and agree to a presentation and see if the resort will throw in a few extra days. You can alwyas say "No" at the presentation.

I have managed timeshare for years and can tell you that the above scenario would be squashed before it grew wings and the couple that tried it would end up embarassed or upset. Why do that?

In this world, there are some things that are free and some aren't. You can't just change things at your will. In timeshare or any other business,


Trust that with all your soul

It is possible to sneak one of those plots every once in a while but then, is this the way to spend a vacation? Consider answering this question when you get home:

Question - so how was your Aruba Vacation?

Answer - We rented a week then moved over to a hotel and agreed to attend a T/S presentation to see if the resort manager would throw in a few extra days.

If I was asking the questions then mY Question would then be - Just how many times did you pack and unpack and move? Did you see the beach? Is that why you're so pale? Is that why you look tired?

Hey - time to get off this soap box

be well - whatever you do
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