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Default Re: Import Duty on Alcohol

i'm sure seashelldiver will verify this. the search is on when there is a tip that drugs are coming in.

personally, i think mary is right. i would bring in the most expensive of my bottles only and purchase the rest there. no matter what you pay on island, making your own drinks will save money over going to the bar for them.

Originally Posted by Tom H. View Post
Last Sept. when we ARRIVED in AUA, they were checking everyone's luggage 100 %. It took forever to get thru. People had to go to a separate area to pay duty.

When I arrived last Nov. it was normal, everyone was let right thru.

When Karen & I arrived Jan. 5, they werre searching luggage, but only on about half the people. It still took foreveras there was only 2 lines. They also had dogs "checking" all luggage.

I'm not sure what the duty is or how much alcohol is allowed for free, but if they are searching, plan on paying duty. If this is a problem, wait and buy it in Aruba.
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