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Smile Re: Import Duty on Alcohol

Originally Posted by sherry View Post

of course, my philosophy is that it is a vacation and i am willing to pay a little more for a week's worth of booze, lol. i also take advantage of happy hours. remember though that two for one drinks means two of the same type of drink. some of us have learned the hard way as our second frozen drink melted down completely in the aruban heat, lol.

Im with you Sherry. I would not put alcohol in my checked bags for sure. My mouthwash, after shave even toothpaste usualy ends up all over the baggies its packed in.
However, my wife and I get drinks together at happy hour so we each get one. i know its against the rules but the bartenders dont seem to mind if one of us gets them and takes them away from the bar area.
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