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janet, kids sort of let you know their maturity level. both of my kids were 'potty trained' by the time they were 2. one was easy and did it all herself. the other took a little work. however, some kids just aren't ready at that age. it isn't when you start them as much as what you do once you start them that makes it work. if you see they are not ready you don't push it and just make a game of it.

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I've never had a child, so I am by no means an expert. However, my nephew and his wife took the "there's no rush" attitude and didn't try to start training until their daughter turned 2. At 5, she was still using diapers (by this point, they almost needed Depends!) and they were sweating it, as they would not allow her to start school if she was not trained. Fortunately, she did manage to get out of the diapers about a month or so before school started. So I say the earlier the better!

And I agree with others as to the pool - you must have the towel of the resort or they will ask you to leave.
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